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Plymouth Poppies Project -- Dedications

The local community members who knit and crocheted poppies for the Plymouth Antiquarian Society’s WWI centennial installation made the following dedications:

In memory of William Henry Pitts, Fred Bates Morse, and Carl C. Lord, the three men from East Bridgewater who were lost in World War I.
Lois Nelson, East Bridgewater, MA

In honor of all veterans who served this country, including my grandfather, Wilfred J. Bois, who served in WWI.
Deborah Correa, Manomet, MA

In memory of my father, George Piepiora, my uncle, Joe Murphy, and my brother–in–law, Jack Manuel.
Helen Avitabile, Weymouth, MA

In memory of all service members, especially:
My father, C. George Piepiora (WWII 3rd Armored Division)
My husband, John R. Manuel (USN Vietnam Era)
My son-in-law, Andrew S. Rice (Army)
My uncle, Patrick Joseph Murphy (USN WWII)
Liz Manuel, East Wareham, MA

Dedicated to Anthony F. Noble (Army)
Kathleen Frye, Plymouth, MA

Dedicated to my dear Uncle Willy Bracco, who served in WWI. Truly forgotten – a dear sweet man. He was the only one of four brothers eligible to serve his country; the others were too young for WWI and too old for WWII.
Kathy Burns, Plymouth, MA

In memory of all veterans, especially James Callanan and his brother Mike, who was killed in action in WWII.
Evelyn Callanan, Stoughton, MA 

Dedicated to my father and uncles who served in WWII: David B. Freeman, James O. Freeman, and Howard E. Twombly.
Carolyn Freeman Travers, Middleboro, MA

In memory of Cameron MacDonald of Little Pond, PEI, Canada, who later became a US citizen, and of Edward Hutchinson.
Jane Murphy, Duxbury, MA

In memory of Uncles Crawford, Robert, Milton, Channing, and my Dad Gilbert Hoxie, all served during WWll.
Harriet Hoxie, Quincy, MA

Dedicated to my maternal grandfather, William R. Magee (1900-1977), who lived with my family from my birth (1946) until his death. He served on the home front during WWI.
Doreen Roderick, Quincy, MA

Dedicated to all who served in the armed forces and those who serve today. In memory of my father, Cecil J. Myers, and my uncle, Edward Lawrence, both of whom served in WWI.
Joan Myers De More, Duxbury, MA

Dedicated to my father, Aeneas M. Casey. He served in WWI. I have dedicated sixteen Poppies; one for each of his children, spouses, and grandchildren.
Stephanie Berlo, Quincy, MA

Additional poppies created by:
Karen Anastos, Hingham, MA
Jeannette Colas, Plymouth, MA
Janet Cole
Die Modlin Hoxie, Sandwich, MA
Barbara Keyes, Plymouth, MA
Mary O'Brien
Judith O’Neil, Rockland, MA
Susan Painter, Rockland, MA
Plimoth Knitters at Plimoth Plantation
Doreen Roderick, Quincy, MA
Martha Sulya, Monument Beach, MA
Carol Zahn & the Monday Morning Knitting Group at the Center for Active Living, Plymouth, MA
And many others who did not provide their names

Special thanks to:
Plymouth Harbor Knits, Plymouth, MA and Yarns in the Square, Hingham, MA for coordinating, promoting, and collecting poppies for this event.

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